National Trade Banc

Trading Rules and Regulations 


General Policies, Procedures, And Conditions

 1- All goods and services are to be sold for your regular price.

2- You must request hotel reservations by using the hotel accommodations form. We will not accept phone reservations.
     a) We charge a $50.00 submission fee (in cash) ONLY IF you submit the form less than 14 days prior to check-in date for local or 14 days for out of town reservations.
     b) Reservations are non-cancelable once confirmed.
     c) We charge a $25.00 confirmation fee (in cash) for each confirmed regular reservation when you receive your confirmation or $50.00 confirmation fee for each less than 14 days advance reservation.

3- Accounts more than 90 days in arrears on fees due will be terminated and all barter dollars in the account will become the property of National Trade Banc to be credited towards cash fees due.

4- Statements are sent out each month electronically for the previous month's activity.  Account Holders requesting paper statements shall be charged $25 cash per page of which $23 per page is donated to a 501c3 as NTB is a green exchange!

5- A list of current available Account Holder Services is available on our website at If you cannot access the website, we will fax you a list on request.

6- If we send you any scrip, we will mail it First Class; you are responsible for this scrip once we mail it. If you ask us to send it by any other means (such as Fedex, UPS or other express service), you must give us your account number for billing purposes. If you request shipping by means such as Insured Mail, Priority Mail or Certified Mail, we will bill the extra cost to your cash-due NTB account.

7- Account Holder disputes will be resolved by National Trade Banc only if all Account Holders involved agree to the decision of National Trade Banc as binding on all parties involved.

8- All information contained within the National Trade Banc website Account Area (i.e., information that's visible only after you log in as a Account Holder) is privileged and intended for Account Holder use only. You must not give any third party access to this information. If you violate this rule, we will  immediately terminate your account, and you shall remain liable for all civil and criminal liabilities caused by said action(s).

9- Accounts with fees due more than 30 days will incur a minimum past due fee in cash of $25.00 per month, and we may suspend your purchasing ability until fees are current.