New Accounts:

          All  fees are in cash, charged to your credit/debit card at time of activation.

        There are no membership fees charged to open an Account.  An account service  fee  of  $ 29.95 cash is charged monthly to the credit/debit card that you will have on file with us. There is a $100.00 annual fee charged on June 1st each year.    

You determine your opening deposit - it can be as little as $100.00  AND

There are NO transaction fees when you buy or sell.

            New Account Holders 

EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS:  An interest free line of credit in  Trade Dollars. You will be able to directly trade with tens of thousands businesses throughout the world, explore the exciting and creative world of barter as much as you like. We also give you live account managers 5 days a week, plus 24/7 on line shopping and live transaction authorization 24/7 with toll free numbers for authorizations.


  I have read and accept and I agree to the Terms & Conditions and Membership Agreement & Policies and Procedures
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  I have read and accept and I agree to the Barter options of the Membership Agreement.
  Click HERE  to read the Barter options of the Membership Agreement.

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