Individual Marble Account for Non-Business Owner

IF YOU ARE A BUSINESS OWNER: please contact our office directly to see if you qualify to open a "GOLD" or "PLATINUM" account.

I hereby apply for the privilege of trading goods and services with respective Individual Marble Account hereafter called "IMA" and other member accounts of Barter Business Co­operative hereafter called “BBC.”

I agree to: 1. Pay BBC cash and/or trade transaction fees on goods and services sold through BBC and goods and services purchased through BBC members. These fees are automatically collected by the Trade Alliance trade system at the end of the each month. Cash fees are posted to either the credit card listed on this application or to an automatic bank debit. Trade fees are debited against IMA for the respective amounts. An IMA has an 7% cash Transaction Fees on Purchases AND 14% trade Transaction Fees on Sales. For purposes of verification and authenticity of application, Member agrees to a third party background check utilizing information in this application.

2. Read and abide by BBC Rules and Regulations below:

A. Each Seller is expected to make items available for 100% Trade Dollars or as otherwise stated in clearly defined terms of this agreement. Buyer and seller may agree upon a part-­cash / part-­trade blend. BBC must post the transaction to which a 7% cash Broker Fee will be assessed to the Seller on the cash portion. Sellers blending cash/trade transactions to non­-BBC trade members (i.e. Trade Alliance affiliates) must have BBC post the transaction in which a 2% cash Broker Fee on the cash portion will be assessed.

B. All trade transactions between IMA's and Members are to be paid through BBC. Members may post transactions via www.theTradeAlliance.com system or by calling 4My­Biz­Auth or 469­249­2884. All transactions must be posted within the same business day to guarantee authorization. Selling Member should obtain Buying Member's signature on a customary receipt, giving a copy to the Buyer as courtesy and keeping a hardcopy for a backup. The Trade Alliance system will automatically generate email receipts respectively to both Buyer and Seller's email address.

C. Purchases by Members will be limited to the amount of Trade Dollars accrued to their accounts unless an appropriate Credit Line has been established by BBC.

D. All tips for wait service, chauffeur, hair stylist, etc. are to be in cash. Tips should be industry standard such as 15%­20% for wait service. Members violating cash tip policy will be subject to reprimand.

E. Trade Dollars shall be considered as legal tender, securities, or commodities by either BBC or its Members, but may not be converted to cash except as provided for in this agreement.

F. Memberships may not be transferred or sold without BBC approval.

G. Members will earn $50, $100, and $150 Trade Dollars respectively for new Members (1. Services, 2. Services with hard goods, and 3. Hard goods) sponsored.

H. Trade transactions are entered into on a voluntary basis. BBC is not responsible for quality, timely delivery, warranties or other problems arising in respect to goods and services traded by Members or BBC. However BBC does provide a formal complaint format. Members with continuing problems in these areas are subject to review and possible termination.

I. The declaration and reporting of all local, state and federal taxes resulting from trade transactions are the sole responsibility of the Member.

J. BBC will suspend all trading of Members in which any fees are delinquent until current.

K. All BBC transactions, procedures, methods, information deliveries including directory lists and contacts are proprietary in nature and are for the sole purpose of BBC Members' benefit. Members disseminating such information to unauthorized users may be subject to termination.

L. Member or BBC may cancel this agreement at any time after a 30-­day written notice. Any outstanding balance owed to BBC must be paid in full within 30 days, either in goods and/or services acceptable to BBC or in cash. If any obligation is referred to an attorney, Member agrees to pay reasonable attorney's fees.

M. BBC Policies are subject to change. All changes will be posted online at www.BBCoOp.Us and/or www.theTradeAlliance.com message system with 30­-days posted notice before effect. Policies may be sent by fax. *** Individual Marble Account registration is good 30-day term. Renewals $30.


  I have read and accept and I agree to the Terms & Conditions and Membership Agreement & Policies and Procedures
  Click HERE To read the   Barter Business Cooperative   Policies and Procedures.
  I have read and accept and I agree to the Barter options of the Membership Agreement.
  Click HERE  to read the Barter options of the Membership Agreement.

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